a. Entry Qualifications
Holder of Bachelor Degree in one of the following fields:
Computer Science, Software Engineering, Network
Engineering, Information System, Cyber Security,
Information Technology, Computer Engineering or
equivalent qualifications from a recognized Institution.
b. Duties and Responsibilities
i. To monitor performance, capacity, and availability
of the network on an ongoing basis and recommend
improvements in technologies and practices;
ii. To collaborate with other staff in the ongoing definition
of network design, services and procedures so as to
ensure business continuity;
iii. Participate in designing and installation of networks
and related accessories and equipment;
iv. Maintain and repair of Network active and passive
equipment; Troubleshoot all network security related
v. Maintain and implement security strategy and
standardization methods;
vi. Document and communicate network related
problems, solutions and the implementation process;
vii. Participate in configuration and management program
to install updated security tools;
viii. Perform maintenance activities, backups and restore
of network components; Plan and appraise ongoing
assessment and monitoring of application control,
firewall, VPN, SSL, intrusion detection and prevention
system and other network component policies;
ix. Guarantee network security best practices are
executed through auditing: routers, change control,
firewall configurations and monitoring;
x. Responsible for periodic vulnerability testing, and lead
xi. Articulate systems and methodologies as well as reply
to security related events and support in remediation
xii. Coordinate and oversee log analysis for e-GA managed
services offerings to ensure customer policy and
security requirements are met; and
xiii. Maintain network security devices to enable pro-active
defense of networks within managed service, providing
protective monitoring to multiple customers.
c. Salary Scale: TPCSS 5
d. Age Limit: Not more than thirty years (30) years.



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