a. Entry Qualifications
Holder of Bachelor Degree in one of the following fields:
Computer Science, Software Engineering, Network
Engineering, Information System, Cyber Security,
Information Technology, Computer Engineering or
equivalent qualifications from a recognized Institution.
b. Duties and Responsibilities
i. Install, configure, operate, upgrade and maintain
assigned server systems hardware, software and
infrastructure including MS Windows, Linux and Unix
Server platforms;
ii. Remote administration, train and support end users;
iii. Perform maintenance activities, system backups,
restoration, and/or retention of systems, software,
and data; Administrate servers, security systems,
databases, business applications, tools, and manage
user accounts;
iv. Prepare reports and documents for various
stakeholders i.e system users and management;
v. Troubleshoot, document and communicate
computer systems related problems, solutions and
the implementation process; Provide appropriate
infrastructure technology solution to support
vi. Prepare systematic documentation for monitoring
hosting infrastructure;

vii. Responsible for administration of server virtualization
and infrastructure;
viii. Manage security access to assigned systems, related
records, documents, and data; Perform backups and
disaster recovery operations;
ix. Confer with employees and the project team to provide
technical advice, support, and to resolve problems;
x. Create and update procedural and training documents
for the assigned systems;
xi. Manage ICT assets, systems diagrams and related
xii. Manage hardware devices and licenses of all programs
in use; and
xiii. Ensure high-availability of infrastructure, products and

c. Salary Scale: TPCSS 5
d. Age Limit: Not more than thirty years (30) years.

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